Browsing the Senbasara Wiki and finding only feels
  • "After a brief fight with Nobunaga being victorious, Tenkai begs for some admiration from his lord after everything he’s done, and Nobunaga replies "I don’t know you"."
  • "Kenshin’s exact gender, as stated in an interview, is not fully stated. It is speculated that Kenshin is a man, however the creator states that Kenshin’s exact gender is unknown. This follows historical rumors that Keshin was a woman disguising herself as a man."
  • "Kojuro has been hinted to be stronger than his master various times (many characters’ lines when encountering him reflect this), and possibly he himself knows this; but he has unwavering faith in Masamune, despite the latter’s young age and recklessness."
  • "(Yukimura’s) favourite food is dango and he like to eat sweet things."
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