in which tina finally buys boy clothes and lizzy helps her with her makeup 

ok so am i just imagining that i make a somewhat hot guy or um


[Posted February 13th, 2013 at 11:52 PM]
  1. littlefearie said: I swooned a bit there not gonna lie
  2. tadashifukino said: hot damn tina you make a hot guy what a hunka hunka burnin’ love omg
  3. stovokor said: Y E S
  4. ankutsu said: lovely, senpai~ I really like the 3rd and 4th one c:
  5. mitsuhides-little-pony said: You look more like a guy than I do. Good job~~
  6. adragonprince said: I TOTALLY THOUGHT YOU WERE A GUY AT FIRST GLANCE kalsdjf;asd handsome Tina~~
  7. paokous said: HOW CUTE, TINA.
  8. azais-sexy-sista said: You make a cute guy. Bonus points for the hair over the eye.
  9. xatus said: hot a what. either way you are lookin’ fine
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